Furnace brazing and thermic treatments

with controlled atmosphere
or vacuumized

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P.S.A. Srl has worked in the fields of furnace brazing with controlled atmosphere or vacuumized on behalf of third parties since 1979 and provides some thermic treatments such as iron annealing or solution heat-treatment of stainless steel.


P.S.A. Srl brazes components for the energy market (turbine components , in particular with honeycomb).


P.S.A. Srl brazes fittings, piping and components of products for the automotive market.


P.S.A. Srl solubilises corrugated pipes for applications in the gas market.


P.S.A. Srl brazes fittings and components for hydraulic use.

markets & applications

Assemblies and Brazing for numerous applications

P.S.A. Srl is able to meet the needs of the various industries in the sector, thanks to a complete range of products and heat treatments.

Assembly and furnace brazing of metal parts

Black Furnaces

Brazing of Iron

White Furnaces

Brazing of Stainless steel

Vacuum Furnaces

Brazing of Steels high legacies