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P.S.A. Srl has worked in the fields of furnace brazing with controlled atmosphere or vacuumized on behalf of third parties since 1979 and provides some thermic treatments such as iron annealing or solution heat-treatment of stainless steel. In a first period the production was mostly related to the automotive field, with brazing and annealing of iron pipe fittings, piping and filtering components for oil and water plants. During years P.S.A. has diversified its own product/market, becoming one of the main Italian firms which works in furnace brazing field on behalf of third parties. P.S.A. is present both on the national and international market.

At the moment by the firm located in the industrial area of Nichelino, in the province of Turin there are about 30 employees on a surface of about 200 square meters.

P.S.A. Srl obtained the Certification of its Quality System according to rule

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